The Jungle Book (2016) Dir. Jon Favreau

The Jungle Book 2016 ย is an old story with new modern twists, wild fantasy, stunning effects, and award winning actors. I will be reviewing the movie The Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau. Some of the movies actors include, Idris Elba, Ben Kinglsey, Christopher Walken, and Bill Murray. Now as they did an outstanding job, they arent who won the award. Jon Favreau director of the film was given the PETA Innovation in Film Award, “People for the ethical treatment in animals.” Favreau used stunning visual effects for the animals in this movie instead of putting countless animals in harms way to make a film. “Forward-thinking directors like Jon Favreau know that the future of film lies in technical wizardry, not in beating animals into performing,โ€ says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange.

Another great thing about this movie is bringing the characters personalities out of the screen and warming hearts. For example how Baloo (Bill Murray) was relatively using Mowgli (Neel Sethi) to get honey from the top of a mountain surrounded by honey bees. Baloo was set to life as a charming, life-saving, sarcastic, and friendly honey bear that was some of the first to be on Mowgli’s friends list through out the movie. Soon after Mowgli started staying with Baloo and getting closer, Baloo soon received bad news that Mowgli was in trouble and broke his heart to send him off to a camp of humans to stay safe. The story didn’t exactly end like that but you will just have to watch for yourself.

Secondly, the down low characters of this movie ended up having great use to the plot. The wolf gang that raised Mowgli ended up being not as convenient as you would think through out the movie. Mowgli had to leave the wolves to save his pack from Shere a evil jungle tiger, through out the movie there were very small scenes of how the pack was doing but over all it showed Mowgli’s problems and goals. Although when Mowgli found out that the Alpha was killed, he raced to help. Also the giant Elephants did not have a script in this movie but was known as the saviors or kings of the jungles and ended up stopping a gigantic forest fire at the end.

So this movie gives heart warming drama, stunning effects, fun characters, good plots, and everything is tied together. I also will throw in the recommendation to go see the movie, well this concludes my review. Like, share, and comment your feed back.