How To Wear Skinny Dress Pants.


SO many people don’t really wear skinny dress pants outside of work, but you can actually change that with simply, jackets, blazers, shirts, and even accessorizing. It’s all about how you put the colors together and staying on about one or two themes. Most importantly it’s about exuding confidence and just going with the flow, a great representation on being a trend setter.

1. Wear a Casual but Classy Shirt!

sneakersInstead of wearing these heel sandals you can pair it up with some classic Adidas sneakers.


2. Wearing a Nice Ruffled Blouse like These!

shirt1Pair it with some nice classy heels.

3. Graphic Tee and a Blazer

tee1Pair this with a nice thin belt, and some converse sneakers for a modern dorky look ha!

4. Wear With Collared Sweater

sweaterA collared sweater and some oxfords never go wrong.


5. They Just Don’t Have To Be Dark Colors…Bring the Light!

pinkSome nice pink pants with a casual tee ย with a nice chunky necklace (below).


6. Blouses and a Velvet Blazer

velvetNot exactly like this type of styled blazer but something velvet can spice up the look by being classy and sassy.



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